About MilTecTM

MilTec Platform, Inc. is a Delaware company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Established in 2014, MilTec offers IT platforms and mobile applications, including the mobile app Vodi.

Since launching Vodi in 2016, MilTec has focused its efforts on the platform, enhancing its functionality and capabilities and appealing to customers and investors worldwide.

Our business partners choose our platform for the following reasons:
- Vibrant and robust industry-specific platform
- Continuous development of innovative technology and improvements
- Exceptional customer support


Best practices, latest technology and deep industry knowledge result in unparalleled products. MilTec prioritizes user experience, visibility for our business partners and cutting-edge innovation.


The MilTec team is made up of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences who strive for growth, excellence and success. Our team is committed to helping your business!